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Welcome, welcome!

Hello there! I'm an asp­iring fantasy fiction writer and tech en­thu­si­ast. This whole website was written comp­lete­ly by hand. Because website builders are overrated. (And I may be a little deranged)

I've always loved day­dream­ing and making up stories and worlds that take me on endless adventures. I have now made my child­hood habit of dozing off in class into my goal. As a result, most of my work consists of web serials and in­comp­lete worlds that I've come to revisit and recraft.

A strangely unrelated hobby of mine is programming, which I got into as a teen when I wanted to design a fan-website that has long since died. Although my specific interests have shifted, I still program as a hobby, and have found my strange sense of organization has brought me to hand-write this website's HTML and CSS.



Contact Me

I have a few modes of contact from which you can reach me, either for buisness or pleasure. (pls no spam)

Email: me@TUSF.page

Twitter: @TUSF33

You can also, if you're so inclined, support me on my Patreon.

Contact Me